My First Love

Hi Medical Mama fans and followers. Just like a lot of you I’m sure, I also had a first love. Who was it you may be asking? Maybe you’re wondering what I’m going to dish next!

I thought I had found love several times in my life. Of course, when we are young we are “in love” or in infatuation as the case may actually be.

The boyfriend at the time being so nice to me had me on cloud 9. After being hurt over and over emotionally I found my husband. I love Nathan, don’t get me wrong. However, he is not my first love.

556437_4271345831558_1403189258_nMy first actual feeling of love struck me hard 6 years ago on June 25th. My love’s name is Elexys. She’s amazing. When she was born and nurses brought her to me the way she looked at me and I looked at her is not something I can even explain. Her love is so pure. The way I feel for her is not like any other love I’ve ever experience.

36278290_10104042927807643_193425398363586560_nAbout 6 months ago on March 5th the same love struck me hard in my heart. Her name is Elayna.

Being a mother is the most amazing love I’ve ever felt in my entire life.



First Encyclopedia for the Human Body by Usborne Books and More Review

Hi Medical mama fans and followers! This book is amazing! Check it out!



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That’s Not My Puppy by Usborne Books and More

Hi Medical Mama fans and followers! I want to share this adorable book that I got from Usborne Books with you!


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Find the Puppy by Usborne Books and More

Do you like Usborne Books? Have you heard of Usborne Books? Let me share with you the story of a puppy who’s a little hard to find.



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My Usborne Books and More Order Came in!!!!

My order came in!!! I want to share with everyone what I got. Maybe this will help you decide too.

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Cover Your Mouth During Cold/Flu Season

Does anyone else get really annoyed with people not covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze? What are you supposed to do when you are sick or have allergies? Let me know what you think guys! Thanks for watching!


How to Have a Relaxing and Organized School Morning: 5 Simple Things You Can do to Help Organize Your Morning

Hi Medical Mama fans and readers! Today we’re going to talk about how YOU can have a more relaxing and organized morning when your family gets up in the mornings to get ready for school/work/etc.

1) Pick Out Outfits the Night Before

stock-photo-colored-clothing-of-all-colors-of-the-rainbow-spectrum-hanging-in-the-wardrobe-717786094Pick out their pants, shirt, panties, socks, shoes, sweater, coat, etc the night before and put it somewhere they get ready in the morning.

I pick out my daughters’ clothes and lay them on their dressers for them to see in an obvious spot in the mornings.

2) Pre-Prep Breakfast

cereal-556786_960_720Okay, you’re probably thinking “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” YOU DO!!! I cook breakfast on Sundays after church. Or I do it when I have a free afternoon randomly. I make things like 2 dozen muffins, breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc. I also portion out cereal in plastic containers to prevent over pouring and wasting cereal. You can find all my great breakfast ideas here.

3) Pack Lunches the Night Before

stock-photo-woman-packing-sandwiches-94544296Packing lunches the night before saves you about 10-15 minutes in the morning of feeling rushed. You can slow down the night before and think about what you are going to put in the lunches. You can plan a healthier meal this way too.

I always pack my daughter’s lunch the night before. I even put it in her lunch box and put it in the fridge to sit over night. The next morning all she has to do is go to the fridge and grab it and put it in her backpack.

Easy Peasy!

4) Pack Backpack the Day Before

stock-photo-little-girl-ready-for-school-at-home-with-school-bag-261337835Whenever homework gets done in the afternoons pack the backpack for the next day. Anything that needs signed do it and put it back in the backpack. Take care of everything at once instead of dragging everything out all night trying to gather stuff together. If your child needs to take something to school for the next day put it in the backpack at the same time.

After school we sit down at the table in the dining room. We pull everything out. I sign her chart, do homework together, and talk about the day. My daughter is able to work on everything while eating her snack (so get that out of the way too). The next morning we are not rushing around trying to get everything gathered for the stupid backpack.

5) Routine

stock-photo-father-and-mother-dressing-her-daughter-in-the-morning-their-living-room-happy-family-585500534Routine sounds so cliche. It’s not! Do the same thing at the same time every morning. That way your children know what to expect. First we do this, next we do that. That way there’s not excuse for them to get distracted in front of the t.v. or give you the excuse of “not knowing what to do next.”

We get up, breakfast first. My daughter is able to watch t.v. while eating. Breakfast is already made, so she doesn’t spend extra time trying to figure out what she wants. She knows right after that she has to go brush her teeth. Then it’s time to get dressed (which her clothes are already picked out saving more time). After getting dressed we do her hair and put her lunchbox in her backpack (which also already packed saving more time).

Hopefully these tips helped! Let me know what time saving tricks you use in your busy mornings.