My 100th Article!


Getting Ready for the Holidays: Creative Christmas Traditions

I have been dying to write this article since last year! I love traditions. I especially love traditions for the holidays.

Letters to Santa

stock-photo-santa-claus-is-preparing-for-christmas-he-is-reading-children-s-letters-mail-of-santa-claus-530229625This year for Thanksgiving we did letters to Santa. This can be done in early December though. It’s so much fun! You can find more info on this here. We had everyone sit down together and the kids either colored Santa a picture, or wrote Santa a letter. I went to the Elf on the Shelf website and found coloring pages.

How it works: Your child writes or colors something for Santa. Then you put it in a bigger, manila envelope addressed to Santa. After your little ones go to bed you can write a letter back to your children and put both letters in a regular sized envelope with your address on it (don’t seal it). Make sure you put all of that in the bigger manila envelope and send it off to Santa. Don’t worry there’s instructions and tips if you click the link above.

The Christmas Tree

christmas-tree-1149619_960_720When I was a kid we would go watch our local Christmas parade to kick off the Christmas spirit. Then afterwards we would go to the Christmas tree farm and pick out a tree. I remember it was always an ordeal. We would come home afterwards and my dad had to fix the stump just so so. Then he was also the one always in charge of stringing the lights on the tree. After that we would all decorate the tree. We would stay up and have family time together.

The Elf on the Shelf

elf-on-shelf-2618512_960_720I realize there are a lot of parents who don’t understand the hype of The Elf on the Shelf. I can assure you it is worth it! Yes, y our child should be good all year round and not just for the holidays.

Anyway, back on subject-our elf, Snow Ma’am, comes to us on Black Friday. She has been known to show up for Thanksgiving sometimes though.

Our elf likes to do funny things. She doesn’t do the mischievous things. Your children’s faces will light up every time they wake up every morning and see their elf.

This is a great way to keep the Christmas spirit alive in your house daily. It is also a great reminder that Santa is always watching.

Christmas Cookies

christmas-cookies-553457_960_720Christmas cookies seem like the obvious choice to do during the holidays. Christmas cookies are a fun, easy thing that you can do together as a family. Kids LOVE decorating cookies.

Christmas Eve and Family

art-1898500_960_720Every Christmas eve we go to the Christmas eve service at church. Afterwards, we go to my parents house to have a huge Christmas celebration with family. My sister is there with her family. My nephew is there. My parents are there. My family is there too. It’s a big celebration with a “cozy” feel to it. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Special Christmas Breakfast

hot-chocolate-3011492_960_720In the morning we wake up and have a special Christmas inspired breakfast. I always make gingerbread shaped pancakes. We decorate them with fruit. We like Nutella on our pancakes (only allowed on Christmas).

To My Readers: How do you celebrate Christmas? What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

5 Ways to Have a God Centered Holiday Season

Hi Medical Mama fans and followers. I wanted to talk about something personal today. Our faith is very important to us. It is very important to us, as parents, that we teach our children about God and how to bring God in to every day events and moments. The holidays are a great way to remind them that God is the reason. “Jesus is the reason for the season” as everyone likes to say.

1) Have You Children State What They are Thankful for Daily During the Month of November

homework-1735644_960_720This one might seem like it is over done. We see if on Facebook and social media that everyone posts something they are thankful for daily in the month of November. Sometimes we get tired of seeing it. HOWEVER, reminding your children is important. They need the reminding. They need to remember to stop and see how God impacts their life daily. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (ESV) says “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

Earlier this week my daughter said she had a bad day at school and continued to say “Just because I had a bad day at school doesn’t mean I have a bad life though.” That brought a huge smile to my face. I asked her what she likes about her life. She continued to say things she was thankful for. She has a big house, a baby sister, parents who love her and give her lots of toys, a good school…she continued on. It was so heart warming to hear this from my 6 year old daughter. I am glad she doesn’t take things for granted (most of the time).

2) Give to Community Helpers

gift-548293_960_720We have so many wonderful community helpers. We have police officers, nurses, fire fighters, mailmen, veterinarians, trash men and women, etc. These people make a difference in our community daily. Have your children make a special “Thank You” card for a community member throughout the month of December. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (ESV) says “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing”. We should show our children that these people DO make a difference throughout our daily lives.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I thought it would be a great idea to bring our community helpers baked goods, or special presents. Has anyone tried this before? Make sure you comment below please so we all know.


3) Volunteer

volunteer-1888823_960_720Nothing says giving back and loving one another like volunteering. We do things out of love in our hearts, not for rewards. The reward is that “warm” feeling we get inside for doing something nice for others.

Our church does a community outreach program where we serve a meal to LUM (Lafayette Urban Ministry). Galatians 6:10 (ESV) says “So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith”.

We should give back to others, especially during the holidays. We need to show our children to help someone who needs it.

4) Give, Give, Give

christmas-3688163_960_720Find a local church or organization that does the stockings. Usually you can find them at churches. You pick a name off a tree and it gives you a child’s age and sex. Then you buy him or her a toy for Christmas. It’s to help the less fortunate. Acts 20:35 (ESV) says “In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’.”

With that being said it is important to show your child to give out of the kindness and love of their hearts because that’s what Jesus would want us to do.

5) Help, Help, Help

UntitledHelp others. If you see an elderly lady in the grocery store struggling then please stop and help her. If you see your neighbor in need of raking your yard please stop and help them. Even if it’s just for five minutes you are still being watched by your children. They are watching you doing an act of kindness for others.

*6) Pray, Pray, Pray

The single, most important thing we can do as Christians is to pray for one another. If there is a kid being mean to your kid teach your child to pray for them. If you see someone in need, but that person does not want to be helped teach your child to pray for that person.

TO MY READERS: If you have others ways to show your children how to show appreciation and thanksgiving please show below.

Thankfulness: Day 30

Every day in the month of November I will express my thankfulness and gratitude towards my life. I choose to only live in the positive.

Today I am thankful for today.

I am thankful that today is the last day for writing these. I have so much to be thankful for in my life. You do too. I am thankful I got to wake up today and finish out the month of November. I am thankful I woke up today. I am thankful that God did not forget about me and my family this morning. I am thankful for my family today. I am thankful for all the wonderful things He has given us today.

To my readers: What are you thankful for today?

Thankfulness: Day 29

Every day in the month of November I will express my thankfulness and gratitude towards my life. I choose to only live in the positive.

Today I am thankful for technology.

Okay, technology is actually something I love and hate all at the same time. It is literally a love-hate relationship. When I’m trying to use the printer it never works. At work when I try to fax something it never works. When I am trying to do something on the computer it seems like it doesn’t want to work for me (along with every other electronic in the house or at work).

However, there are times that technology and electronics change our lives. When we want to see grandma, but she isn’t close we turn to technology. When we want to use the internet to look something up for convenience because the baby is sleeping that makes a difference. The man who’s life you saved with a pace maker uses technology. The cell phone we can’t seem to put down is a life saver when we need it to get us out of a jam. We can call emergency respondents faster now.

Technology can be a great thing.

To my readers: What are you thankful for today?

Thankfulness: Day 28

Every day in the month of November I will express my thankfulness and gratitude towards my life. I choose to only live in the positive.

Today I am thankful for God’s food.

My husband hunts. Please don’t judge us for this. My husband hunts not for the sport. He hunts to feed his family. He cleans the meat, and butchers it himself. I help too. We don’t have to buy meat at the store when we have deer meat. It’s a lot healthier too because it has less fat in it.

To my readers: What are you thankful for today?

Thankfulness: Day 27

Every day in the month of November I will express my thankfulness and gratitude towards my life. I choose to only live in the positive.

Today I am thankful for water.

I know water doesn’t seem like much to some. However, have you ever traveled outside of the U.S.? There are people who can’t turn their faucet on and drink clean water. I just turn mine on and fill a glass. I can even open up my pantry and grab a water bottle full of clean water and drink straight from that. I don’t have to go to a well. I don’t have to use a purifier. I don’t have to travel miles to drink clean water.

To my readers: What are you thankful for today?