My Usborne Books and More Order Came in!!!!

My order came in!!! I want to share with everyone what I got. Maybe this will help you decide too.

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Getting Ready for the Holidays: Halloween

Hi Medical Mama fans and Followers! This week we will be talking about Halloween. I used to not be a huge fan, but now that I have children and a huge front porch to do decorations I want to share a few of my favorites! Of course we will be using Pinterest as well! You can find all these great ideas on Pinterest as well. Just click here.

I would also like to add to use Dollar Tree for your cheap and easy needs for holiday decor!

Outdoor Decorations

front porch spiderweb idea
Sidewalk Spider Web

The reason I love this picture to the left is because I think the spider web idea is a great and cheap way to make a faux spider web. It’s tape!! Make your own fancy spider web on your sidewalk as the little ones, family and friends, or party guests make their way up to your door!

Non-scary front porch idea

The picture on the right here is a great and easy way to do Halloween without having anything too scary for your younger guests and trick-or-treaters.


20 Easy and Cheap Deco Idea

Holy Moly! THIS PAGE! It has a ton of cheap and easy ways to do Halloween. Go check it out! There’s too many great ideas for me to pack in to one article for just this section. I highly recommend clicking the link and checking it out.

Easy Trash Bag Spider Web Idea


Let’s move on to Halloween parties!

Halloween Party Ideas and Indoor Decoration Ideas

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween party? I know I do!

Pumpkin Punch Bowl

This site has a ton of great ideas! There’s also a lot of Halloween inspired crafts too. Make sure you check it out! Okay, back to the picture located to the left. This is a great idea to serve your punch. Make sure you cut the pumpkin fresh DAY OF your party. Otherwise, it will mold.

Easy Balloon Ghosts

These ghost balloons make a cheap and easy ghost to haunt your home.

Cute Spider Ice Cubes


I originally saved the image of the spiders in the ice cubes because I thought this was a great idea! When I clicked on the website (which you can find here) there were TONS and TONS of great ideas for decorations. Make sure you check them out!


I would love to hear from my fans and readers! Please comment on your favorite way to decorate for Halloween. Add a pic if you are able to! We would love to see your fantastic ideas as well.

Confessions of the Medical Mama: When Life Gets Busy

Hi Medical Mama fans and followers. I have been SO BUSY with taking care of my new baby and my 6 year old daughter. I am also married, a stay at home mother, and our family’s sticky glue that holds us all together.

With all of this being said I am constantly on the go with the kids. My oldest has gymnastics, my youngest constantly has her monthly check ups, and my house is huge with a never ending pile of dishes and laundry. Am I embarrassed by the site of my house at times? YES! Am I ashamed of this? HECK NO!

Being an at home mother/wife/everything keeps me busy, and on my toes. It takes away from my blog (which I haven’t posted an article in ages it feels like), and takes away from my friends at times. That’s okay. I would not rather be doing anything else than taking care of my family.

Where are my fans and followers that agree? Tell me about your busy life!

Have You Changed Since Having Kids?

Photo Credit Unknown.

This article is more for fun than anything. In this article I hope to help you walk down memory lane and self-reflect. I think we all ask ourselves at some point “Have I changed since having kids?”. Our little ones remind us of how we used to be before they were very much a part of our lives. We all love our children (or we all should), but we love reminiscing about the days when life was different. Life was a bit more calm and quiet.

How was your personality before you had children? Were you more social? Were you more organized? Were you more OCD about your environment? Were you more sane (I was)?

I know I was way less patient, more OCD controlled, and felt like I had better things to do all the time. I constantly would express my impatience with everyone around me. When someone tells me “Hold on.” I would express to them how much I absolutely loved waiting (sarcastically of course). After I had our first daughter I still felt very OCD controlled and felt like I had better things to do than sleep while my baby slept. Eventually she started walking. She started getting in to things. She started developing her personality and progressing. I had to learn to re-program myself to her and her needs. I realized letting things get messy and out of place was part of life. More importantly, it was part of keeping a home with a family in it. I learned to slow down. She wanted to hold my hand and walk. I had to learn to walk slower, let her lead and not feel like I needed to get to where I was going so fast.

We all miss those days of when our little ones were wee bitty ones. They cried and kept us up. They cried for no reason other than to cry (mine did from colic). I thought I had made a huge mistake by having a baby at moments when I felt low from lack of sleep. But we all miss those tiny feet, tiny hands, tiny cries (mine cried loudly from day 1), the baby bottles and binkies, the tiny clothes, and all the baby toys. My daughter was always strapped in to her Baby Bjorn. Yes, she is more independent now. She is the funniest kid I’ve ever met. She is our princess for sure.

What do you miss about your little ones being so small? What don’t you miss?

It amazes me how little ones help you grow. She keeps me on my toes. I hate how time has just flown by and I am not able to get moments back. You live and you learn being a first time mom. I feel like you really learn what’s important in life at that moment in time. I walk much slower with her now. I take my time doing things with her. I have learned to just embrace who she is and what she wants. I don’t put myself first. Whatever she needs or wants I make sure we are able to provide. Family comes first. That was a foreign concept when having her at first. I am ashamed to say I didn’t always put her and my husband first. I was a new mom still learning how to be a mom. I always felt like there was so much to get done around the house. I’ve learned there is nothing more important needing done than spending time with our daughter. I can now proudly say that being a mom is officially my #1 priority. I get to be an at home mom now. I get to be there for our daughters (we’re expecting a second girl in March, 2018). This is the best gift that God has given me.

How were you before kids? I would love to read your comments below.

When People are Trashy on the Internet…

Unfortunately, last night someone didn’t agree with what I wrote (which is completely fine), but her and her friends were leaving disgusting comments with profanity. They weren’t even in an appropriate form of “let’s discuss this topic.” It was really disgusting and displayed trashy behavior. Please excuse these comments. I tried to remove them as quickly as I could, so I do apologize if you saw them.

The Medical Mama is not associated with this kind of behavior, not do I condone this type of behavior. I do not want it on my site. Please discuss topics in a mature manner.


Why Your Negative Comments Won’t Bring Me Down!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much to all my supporters and my readers. You guys are all fantastic. I love ALL the comments I receive, both positive and negative. Don’t forget though that ALL your comments are appreciated and turned in to positive feedback for me to keep me going.

10 Things to do With Your Children: No More Excuses!

Photo Credit Epic Kids

I have compiled a list of either free or very cheap ideas to do with your child/ren. I am a huge fan of “Let’s take off and do something fun today.” I especially was able to do this before my daughter started kindergarten. I know so many moms and dads out there that don’t do anything with their children all day except get on social media and complain about not doing anything with them. When I suggest things there’s always a reason why they can’t do anything. Today I am stopping that. Also, don’t forget to tailor these ideas to your child’s age.

For my Indiana Residents I have included links below for you.

If you live in another state or area (country) please feel free to comment below with links in your area. I would love to know what’s out there, and I know fellow readers would love to know what’s in their area as well.

1)Go to the Park and Have a Picnic

picnic inthe park
Photo Credit Alabama State Parks

Going to the park is one of the single most fun things that my daughter loves to do. It gives her a chance to get her energy out, we get out of the house, and I don’t have to engage too much if there’s a lot of other children playing at the same time. Don’t get me wrong I love playing with my daughter, but on days where I need my space the park is a great alternative. I’m still spending time with my child, but we get to spend some time being parallel. We bring a sack lunch and eat at the picnic tables. Then we clean up and go play. It’s free and easy.


Photo Credit Kim Wade

If you are not close to the park and live in the country then having a picnic outside is also a great alternative. We lived in the country at one point and when I didn’t feel like driving in to town to go to the park we had a picnic outside on a blanket. Then afterwards we would play on the play set together, or my daughter would run around the yard. She also would get out chalk, her bike, her power wheels dune buggie, etc.


2)Go to the Zoo, Petting Zoo, or Aquarium

Photo Credit Indianapolis Zoo

Where we live there is a free zoo in town. It has mostly petting zoo animals. It also has some pretty cool animals like bald eagles, prairie dogs, and wallabies. If you are looking to get out of the house and go do something free see if there’s something like this in your area. There might be a free petting zoo. There might be a free zoo. We also live close enough to our state’s capitol where they have an actual zoo. It’s huge. We live about an hour away from that zoo. If you find it’s going to be costly look in to their programs. They have certain days dedicated to being “free” or “discount days.” Also, check if they offer discounts to military families, teachers, police officers, firemen, or

Photo Credit Indianapolis Zoo

veterans. Check with your work as well. They might give you a discount. My work offers discounts including our big zoo. The price cut is really helpful. You really can’t beat it.


3)Go to the Local Museum, State Museum, or Interactive Children’s Museum

Photo Credit Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Again, we have fantastic museums in our state downtown of the capitol. We’ve actually been to a few in Indianapolis. There are a ton of cheap museums that are great for all ages. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is pretty costly. However, if you look for their “free days” and “discount days” you can get in really cheap (especially on the free days because they’re free). Check out your state museum as well. Usually those kind of museums cost next to nothing and they have something for all ages.


Photo Credit Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Also, there is a very cheap, local museum for children close to us. It’s like $4/person to get in. They have a ton of hands on learning. I’m sure there’s something like this in your area too.


4)Go Shopping, Run Errands

shopping with baby
Photo Credit

Okay, this one might seem lame, but I’m telling you little ones just want your time and attention. They don’t care where you go or what you do. Do you have groceries you need to get? Maybe you need to go run some errands around town? Take your child/ren with you! They just want to feel included.


If the mood strikes maybe buy them a toy while they’re out. They will most certainly behave if there’s something in it for them. My daughter loves going places with me. She even loves getting groceries with me because she likes to get the items off the shelf for me and put them in the cart. She feels like such a helper. When she was a lot younger she loved going and sitting in the front to watch all the people go by. She loved just spending time with me and talking with me.

5)Do a Craft: paint, color, glue a bunch of stuff together

Photo Credit

I love this idea the best so far. I’ll tell you why: My daughter is so imaginative. She loves to paint. She also loves to just glue random stuff together. Now let me explain more in depth. We have sequins and toilet paper rolls and little stickers, etc. She loves just taking glue and gluing stuff to a piece of paper or construction paper from our craft supply box. It is very monitored and very fun to watch her mind work. She also loves to paint. Yes, I know paint is messy. But it’s really not. You just have to rinse out paint brushes, and wipe down your table. Put a paint smock or something like that on your child and throw it in the wash afterwards. Easy clean up.


6)Play Some Games

Photo Credit Anna Brooks

Again, this is a perfect example of how you should tailor these ideas to your child’s age. A baby is not capable of playing a board game. A toddler, absolutely. A bigger kid is more than capable of playing a game. With a baby play simple games (peek-a-boo, tummy time, etc). A toddler loves playing games. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn to take turns and that everything has rules. Don’t discredit this idea yet.


7)Go Outside

Photo Credit

Sometimes it’s just a great idea to go outside. My daughter loves being outside when someone is outside with her. She will play by herself with her toys as long as I’m outside with her. I can catch up on a book, or give her ideas while she’s playing. It’s really up to you how you want to play outside with your child. Being outside is also very calming. It helps both mom and child. Is there a play set outside? Great! Go play on it with her. No play set? That’s great too. Get the chalk out and create something fun.


8)Go See a Movie or Go to a Play

Photo Credit dramadose

I love our free movie matinees. Whenever our local movie theater is having them I make sure I take our daughter. We also have a lot of theaters in town that do kid friendly shows. You might be thinking “My kid is 2. There’s no way I’m taking them to a show.” Actually, I found the earlier I took my daughter the earlier she learned to behave in that sort of an environment. I always made sure we sat on an end seat so she could wiggle and we sat in the front row of a section so there was no one in front of us. Again, so she could wiggle without bothering anyone. Now she’s 5 and she truly appreciates the fine arts of plays.

You also have the option of creating a movie theater in your home if you do not want to go out. Pop a movie in and pop some popcorn. I like to go to our local super store and buy a $5 movie. Then buy snacks (healthy snacks). We then go home and have girls time stuffing our faces and watching a cheap movie. You can also find $1 movies too at your local super store.

9)Play Play-doh

Photo Credit Sheknows

This might seem like a silly one too. Let’s  be honest though, who does NOT like to play play-doh still? If you say no you’re lying. Create something fun with your little one. Create something silly, or give your child an idea to create something and see how their imagination works. Where does that idea you gave them drive their brain to? Play play-doh and find out.

10)Bake Something Yummy

Photo Credit Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Baking something yummy is always a great idea. My daughter loves to help me in the kitchen. I’m sure your little one will too. She puts on an apron and grabs a stool. Then she climbs on up and asks what all she can help with. I gladly let her help me. An extra set of hands in the kitchen is always helpful. Just keep in mind about hot stoves, pans, ovens, sharp knives, etc. I would even be cautious about the mixer. I let my daughter practice measuring and then I let her dump it in the mixer. She also loves helping to decorate cookies. Never discount this idea either. Again, tailor it to your child’s age. Here is a great article about cooking with your child at any age.

Find Something Fun:

Don’t let bad weather ruin your plans. Don’t let being lazy get in the way of being with your child. You don’t get these years back. Just remember that. Be sure you tailor all your ideas to be age appropriate for your little one.

Also, don’t forget to check out my links below if you are an Indiana resident. If you are not please comment below the fun things to do in your area to help other moms and dads.

Links for Indiana Residents:

Parks in Indiana:

Indianapolis Zoo:

Columbian Park Zoo:

Zoos in Indiana:

Imagination Station:

Purdue Convocations:

Civic Theater of Lafayette:

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