My First Love

Hi Medical Mama fans and followers. Just like a lot of you I’m sure, I also had a first love. Who was it you may be asking? Maybe you’re wondering what I’m going to dish next!

I thought I had found love several times in my life. Of course, when we are young we are “in love” or in infatuation as the case may actually be.

The boyfriend at the time being so nice to me had me on cloud 9. After being hurt over and over emotionally I found my husband. I love Nathan, don’t get me wrong. However, he is not my first love.

556437_4271345831558_1403189258_nMy first actual feeling of love struck me hard 6 years ago on June 25th. My love’s name is Elexys. She’s amazing. When she was born and nurses brought her to me the way she looked at me and I looked at her is not something I can even explain. Her love is so pure. The way I feel for her is not like any other love I’ve ever experience.

36278290_10104042927807643_193425398363586560_nAbout 6 months ago on March 5th the same love struck me hard in my heart. Her name is Elayna.

Being a mother is the most amazing love I’ve ever felt in my entire life.



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