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FB_IMG_1516055392289.jpgHi there. My name is Breanna and my goal with my blog is to help moms and dads out there with any questions and parenting concerns they might have. I want to empower both working mothers and at home mothers. Believe me when I say I do not like getting parenting advice from other people. I feel like if I do enough research on my own I can usually make a more informed decision rather than having people I actually know give me their take on things, and then making me feel like I am wrong if I don’t follow what they have to say to a “T.”

Well that is my goal to help other moms make informed decisions instead of being pressured to do what everyone else tells them to do. Please don’t ever read my pages leaving feeling like you are doing something wrong. Please always feel like these are just extra helpful, informative articles to help you along the way of parenting. There are no right or wrong answers.

13906923_10102443120159993_3957416277491687687_nI am married, and I am a mother to two beautiful daughters. My oldest is 6 years old, and my youngest was just born in March, 2018.

I have a long history of experiences to back up my credentials with what I write about. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have for me. I am more than happy to answer them.


I first started with the “parenting” experience working in a private school and daycare. I helped out in everything from preschool-8th grade. I learned a lot and gained a lot of customer service experience. I also learned a lot about parents and how they react to things that included their children (both positive and negative). I learned how to behave and how not to behave when I would one day become a mother of two.

After that I started dating my now husband we got married and a year later decided it was time to add on to our little family of 2 (3 if you count our fur baby dog). I decided to become an at home mom for our first child for about 3 years. After that I got ants in my pants and decided to go back to school for my medical degree. I graduated and started working in pediatrics for a big corporation. Unfortunately, that left me with some very low self esteem issues and traumatic experiences from the people I worked with. However, the parents and children I worked with were great. Again, I gained a lot of experience with patient care and a lot of experience with medical knowledge that I feel blessed I can share with others. This definitely broadened my knowledge.

After I decided I could not handle the abuse from my co workers I went to part-time so I could spend more time at home with our daughter, and I moved to another company. I moved to internal medicine (adult medicine). My experiences there were so great no words could ever express my gratitude to my co workers and my boss for the experiences and the love I felt working there. We were a little family with one goal. That goal is fantastic patient care. And it showed! This also helped broaden my medical knowledge. I learned more there than at any other place.

29571305_10211096521231835_5517766320189975860_nI am a full-time at home mom with one goal: I want to help others find their niche, find their voice, find an educated solution to something and help other mothers feel like they are doing a great job. I write about things I am passionate about. I would love to get suggestions from you!

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